Comprehensive Pain Management Group

Depositions Policy

Depositions where attendees (attorneys, physicians) meet with the doctor at a location convenient for our staff will be charged at a 2-hour minimum with an additional charge for any meetings that exceed 2 hours, billed at hourly increments. A fee for the 2 hour minimum must be received 1 week before the scheduled deposition. An additional fee will be assessed if the doctor has to travel.

Discovery Depositions

Our office reserves the right to charge a fee for Discovery Depositions to cover the loss of scheduled patient revenue. Please call our main office to schedule your deposition, and please be prepared to give several dates from which to choose. For exact fees, please call our office at 847-470-8740.

Testimony Fees

In the event the doctor is required to appear in person for a testimony or deposition and loses a day’s revenue, the amount of compensation will have to cover the losses of that day. There will be a charge for a half or full day of testimony or deposition plus travel per hour. The prepaid amount must be received 1 week before the scheduled date. In the event that the allotted time is extended, an additional bill will be sent.


If the deposition or testimony is cancelled (5 full working days) before its scheduled date, a full refund will be made. However, if the deposition is cancelled less than 5 full working days, only ½ (one half) of the amount will be refunded. If cancellation is within 3 working days of the scheduled deposition, no refund will be made. Please understand that our office will lose that time from scheduled patient revenue. If this occurs, we will need to be compensated for that purpose.

For exact fees, please call our office at 847-470-8740.