Comprehensive Pain Management Group
Why do Workers’ Compensation Nurse Case Managers and Insurance Adjusters Continue to Refer their Clients to the Comprehensive Pain Management Group?”

Fast Facts You Need To Know:

  • Our practice provides top-notch experienced pain management providers with a “small town personal
  • Dr. Konowitz is Triple Board Certified in Anesthesiology, Pain Management, and Internal Medicine.
  • Our Nurse Practitioner is ANCC Board Certified with a sub-specialty in Pain Management.
  • Nurse Case Managers and Adjusters have direct access to the Nurse Practitioner via private cell phone for
    case management, and assistance in solving dilemmas that are germane to complex work comp cases.
  • RN’s manage day-to-day clinical problems, prescription refills, and patient education.
  • Case managers are encouraged to accompany their clients to the visit for immediate on-site
    communication of findings. When on-site visits are not feasible, telephone communication with case
    managers/adjusters is conducted on the same day as visit.
  • We believe in appropriate and cost-effective pain management: for example, interventions such as epidural
    or stellate ganglion blocks are individualized, have definite end-points and are self-limiting.
  • All Independent Medical Exams, 2nd opinions, primary consultations are comprehensive with highly detailed
    history and physical exams lasting from 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours or more depending on the complexity
    of the case and if the case manager is present for consultation.
  • Complex and questionable diagnoses such as Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome are quickly determined.
  • We believe in the importance of non-interventional modalities, such as self-directed home exercise programs,
    proper body mechanics and patient education for the prevention of re-injury.
  • Adjuvant medications treating chronic neuropathic pain are the mainstay of medical management as
    opposed to the use of opiates.
  • Opiates for chronic nonmalignant pain are used judiciously and are closely monitored. Patients who arrive
    on high dose or inappropriate opiates are usually weaned at first visit.
  • Dictations are ready within 24 hours when all pertinent medical records are available at the time of initial consult.
  • Return to work and other clear set goals are established with the patient and family at fist visit.
  • Workers’ Compensation patients are given scheduling priority, and are usually accommodated within 5
    days of the request.
  • Our office staff assists with approvals and obtaining reports.